Key Milestones & Dates

BAIER was established in 1938 close to Stuttgart, Germany.

After WW2, BAIER invented the percussion or hammer drill in the early ’50. While developping the Percussion drill, Otto Baier also invented the dowel but gave it away.

The very first mixer derives from the French daughter company based on a special request by a customer.

Later-on the cold saw was produced for the worldwide market.

The channel cutter was the start of the worldwide success of BAIER.

The diamond channel in early ’90 and consequently the development of the multi-blade channel are the modern answer to enhanced safety, better working environment and higher efficiency.

In 2016, the BDN 511 started to be sold in the US by GSS Internatonal and became an immediate success.

The hand held mixer BSM 2863 with a maximum load of up to 500 lb (227 kg) and a long life time is another successful BAIER product which satisfies today’s need to cut down labour cost and increase productivity.

One-to-one production versus modern manufacturing with CNC-production machinery and a perfect flow of goods and information.

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