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GSS International is the sole distributor of BAIER in the USA offering unique SOLUTIONS FOR LEADERS.

GSS International represents German companies being successful internationally.

Since 1938, German spirit of inventiveness together with the highest standards of quality has been building the basics of BAIER’s development and the production of mature and reliable SOLUTIONS FOR LEADERS!

Our tools exclusively MADE IN GERMANY set standards with their strong performance and durability.

As a leading part of the international BAIER family, GSS International represents one of more than 60 countries in the world served by BAIER.
In return and based on this worldwide exchange, a tremendous know-how is offered to the US market through GSS International.


BAIER spare parts

The BAIER spare parts are extensively tested, have a very long working life and are made for professional use.

An exploded view for each product is available.

Maintenance services

The machines are exclusively MADE IN GERMANY and are setting standards with their strong performance and durability.

They have to be kept clean and well maintaned in order to experience the best performance possible.

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Our Mission

The GSS International business concept offers a complete SOLUTION FOR LEADERS with the supply of know-how, technology and efficient after sales service.

Unique solutions, far ahead of the market, make the close relationship with our customers a mutual success.

GSS International and BAIER develop and manufacture our own products to enhance the work in construction.
Health is an important issue and thus we only work dust-free even while working dry. The dust-free efficiency rate is the best in the industry.

DUST-FREE is our mission.
DRY cutting and coring saves water.
SAFE tools are our standard.

GSS International and BAIER are constantly finding SOLUTIONS FOR LEADERS to make the work on site easy, fast and secure. BAIER brings you home safe and early!

Best proven customer service with immediate response is the key to our success.

Good personal relationship shows the earned trust of the last decades. Together we can achieve even more!

In close teamwork with our customers we find SOLUTIONS FOR LEADERS! Proven efficiency increase and ROI on the solutions is our daily job!

Be a part of it!

See the video of the BFF 222

See the video of the BDN 511

See the video of the BDB 825

See the video of the BDB 8325

See the video of the BDN 466


Our Skills

Together with an international team of highly skilled and experienced workers and technicians, GSS International develops SOLUTIONS FOR LEADERS to the American market.

In 2016, the BDN 511 conquered the American market and made the GSS International customers much more efficient. Some of the work time was cut from 4hrs to 20 minutes!

From 2019, the BDN 511 is delivered with a new guide and an additional pointer.

The BSM 2886, the strongest mixer in the industry with an average life time of about 10 years.

In 2020, the GIANT 120, a mobile mixing station was introduced at the WOC 2020 in Las Vegas, NV.




Looking for a reliable & stable partner?

BAIER manufactures since 1938 power tools. The inventor of the hammer drill, the cold saw, the channel cutter and the mixer has a tremendous amount of experience which is continuously shared with GSS International.

Trust in our knowledge and convinced about our strengths, GSS International is a true partner to the construction industry.

Our Services

Customer orientation is a true value of GSS International, real proven and experienced daily! Our word counts!

Perfect communication skills to all people involved. This also includes a seamless tracking of shipped goods.

Together as a team, GSS International supports the customers as well as all partners involved.

Rapid service after sales sets GSS International apart.

Each machine is thouroghly engineered, manufactured with care and tested before delivery.

Parts and systems

GSS International holds the BAIER professional spart parts in stock.

Clear structured exploded view are available.

The spare parts are produced for professional and intense use!


A BAIER tool is an investment into the future, to increase productivity and efficiency of your daily job.

You expect a long life time of the BAIER power tool. The average life time of a BAIER tool is many years.
In order to maintain the efficiency of the power tool and extend the life time, the BAIER power tool has to be kept clean and well maintained to ensure the best performance possible.

Explanatory videos for spare parts change are available upon request.



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