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Diamond Channel Cutting System – BDN 511

Diamond channel cutter with 11 diamond cutting blades for bridgeless milling up to 2“ (50 mm) wide and 1“ (25 mm) deep. This machine has 2,400 Watt power and best rotation speed for extensive milling in the hardest of materials without effort. All cutting depths are possible in one step with 11 diamond cutting blades.

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High-Speed Mixer – BSM 288

High-speed mixer for mixtures up to 265 lbs (120 kg). This machine is for materials such as plaster, mortar, paint, glue etc. and the electronic controls the optimum speed depending on the material.

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Face Milling Machine – BFF 222

Face milling machine for grinding and milling layer by layer to the nearest millimeter. This machine is for interior or exterior areas, house facades, concrete walls, floor pavements, industrial floors, oil- or flax colours, adhesive left-overs and concrete left-overs or colour marking.

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Polishing machine BFN 250

Stone polishing machine for natural stone and concrete – markfree.

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Diamond dry core drilling machine BDB 825

Diamond dry core drilling machine for precise drilling in reinforced concrete from 2 3⁄8“ (60 mm) to 8“ (200 mm) diameter.

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Drill Stand – BST 200

Drill stand for high-precision core drilling up to Ø 8“ (200 mm).

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Diamond Channel Cutter with 6 Blades – BDN 466/6

Diamond channel cutter with 6 diamond-cutting blades for channel cutting up to 1” (25 mm) wide and 1 3⁄4” (45 mm) deep. This machine is safe with a unique and powerful overload electronic and time and cost saving because of instant channels in one working process for installing empty pipes.

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Diamond wet core drilling system – BDB 837

For core drilling in hard stone up to 18” (450 mm) diameter. This machine is extremely powerful, comes with 3-speed gear box with special lubrication, can be easily installed by one person, unique and powerful overload electronics and integrated GFCI switch for worker’s safety.


Diamond wet core drilling machine for the plumber – BDB 802

Wet core drilling machine with integrated water Container for final installations in bathrooms and toilets. This machine has a die-cast aluminium and case-hardened gear parts for durability, an integrated pressurised water container for dust free drilling and it is safe through the PRCD switch.

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Diamond wet core drilling machine – BDB 803

Wet core drilling machine for core drilling up to Ø 2” (50 mm) for fixing and drilling in natural stone and concrete. This machine is safe, with a unique and powerful overload electronic and integrated PRCD switch. It has an electronic control to prevent overload, therefore no waiting time until the motor can restart. Low operating cost through electronic and mechanical clutch, as the electronic control makes the clutch almost wear-free.

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Diamond Channel Cutter with 4 Blades – BDN 464/4

Diamond channel cutter with 4 diamond cutting blades for channel cutting up to 3⁄4 ” (20 mm) wide and 2 3⁄8 ” (60 mm) deep in one step. This machine has an electronic control to prevent overload, therefore no waiting time until the motor can restart and low operating cost through an electronic and a mechanical clutch.

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Channel Cutter – BMF 501

Channel cutter for cutting ready channels up to 1 3⁄16” (30 mm) wide and 1 1⁄2” (38 mm) deep. This machine is safe through switch lock and has an dust-protected motor and gear box for high durability.

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Concrete Milling Machine – BDS 125

Concrete milling machine for cleaning and smoothing. This machine is for the cleaning and smoothing of hard surfaces and removing of residual colours and old paintwork and it is easy to work close to the wall.

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Electric hand-held metal saw – EHS 2L

Electric metal cutting handsaw with up to 3 1⁄8” (80 mm) cutting range. This machine is for cool sawing of iron, steel, copper, brass, aluminium etc. and perfect for cutting cables with a high cross-section.

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Latest projects

Machine development and SOLUTIONS FOR LEADERS

Any successful machine development is closely tied to a need like improving current machinery, increasing efficiency of daily work, better protecting health of users or just inventing something new to fulfill all requests.

GSS International and BAIER work closely with our customers to realize onsite ideas into applicable solutions, to SOLUTIONS FOR LEADERS! Because only LEADERS are ahead of the competition and will ultimately succeed.

GSS International and BAIER did create new machines and rebuild existing machines in order to add customer enhancements to the existing products.

The close contact from GSS International to the American market and the analytical expertise of the German engineers from BAIER made the work of our customers more efficient, e.g. from 4hrs to 20 minutes for exactly the same work.

This rebuilding of an existing machine was conceptional from the beginning and purely solution oriented with a clear objective: to make the daily job of the contractor easier, safer and more efficient.

The result is the BDN 511, a dry channel saw for the flooring business, dust-free, dry, strong and light.

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Automotive parts

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Materials testing

The strongest mixer on the market!

The strongest mixer on the market!

The strongest mixer on the market!

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